In this project the client had one big clear and understandable need – to have absolutely everything redone! When it comes to needs, the client desired Scandinavian style and a bright modern space. We supplemented these criteria with a simple idea that space is to unite people. Three months have passed from the very first encounter with the client to the project implementation, and this is what we've done.

During the project we have made use of natural materials, opted for extremely comfortable furniture, and most importantly thought carefully about the needs of the people living here.
We kept the authentic floor, but dismantled wooden ceiling, removed all unnecessary parts and filled the space with objects that communicate the owners' mindset.
Studio Ilse's design bench went in the spotlight and dazzled the living room, as it gathers everyone at the table, unites and makes them equal.

There are no random items in here and there is place for everyone, though. For instance, to watch a movie on a big screen in winter or make a lazy brunch on a warm summer morning. Cat Mart, the main hero in this area, has already valued all the charms of the living room. The sofa surely appealed to him most of all.