Inspired by the music of J:Mors band and their song "Wings", which is about two Belarusians making an airplane tour round the globe. Highly recommend watching "Wings" by J:Mors.
My customer flies on an airplane, fancies compactness and simplicity of his lifeand takes advantage of all opportunities.
The apartment in Minsk is 130 sq.m. Not a newly built, but typical elite apartment with so-called 'euro' standard design. Three-level ceilings, brown tiles and 'expensive-means-wealthy' cheap finishing materials. A completely typical layoutof a 4- room apartment. I embarked on the layout (sending later).
At the two initial encounters the customer shared all his wishes and needs, agreed on the layout and asked to meet the deadlines for less than a year in order to movein, and lastly not to bother him much. The project was grounded on the idea of flying and what we see from a bird-view flight. Therefore, materials and colors are exclusively natural and genuine.

The idea was to divide the apartment into 3 main blocks – bedroom -hallway and the entire storage system and living room-dining-kitchen.

There is a cubical storage on four sides in the hallway, kind of "garage" for things.
To the right is the living room and kitchen, and on the left side - bedrooms and music room.

Each room alone has a rather sleeping place and wardrobe. You can even find a wall-mounted bed in the music room on the right hand in case guestscome round.

Living room-kitchen is more like an urban environment. Compact and functional. Shows contrast like any city. Creamy color covers the entire space and creates a relaxed atmosphere.
Architecture-wise, the sofa is a multi-level high-rise building, lined roads on the carpet.
Lantern lamps.
The cloud above the Island reminds us of always finding time to dream and fly in the urban hustle and bustle.

The bedroom depicts mountains and clouds, so the owner might have a rest out there, as he is a great fan of flying and conquering mountains. This is a private place to have 'me-time, relax and recharge. In the mountains.

Moooi clouds carpet, a felt bed by Ukrainian brand Faina Design. On the wall is a photo,Yellow Corner gallery.
Atelier Aretti lamps, London.

Music room. Mint green, the color of harmony is out here. Inspired by a lawn where we feel comfy and easy.

The second bedroom is for a child. Custom plywood furniture. Moooi lamps, adorned by a Belarusian artist. The boy in his room is always accompanied with his mom, dad and sister, who tend to sing their own songs to him at night.