KOS studio

Kos (norwegian kos, or "kus") is a warm feeling of happiness. It occurs when you find yourself in a charming, comfortable and safe place among your loved ones. It is fairly peculiar to Scandinavians a luxury of simplicity, when little joys bring out happiness. This philosophy reflects perfect equality.
The kos principle defines the work of our studio, we offer interiors that are opulent in their simplicity, ones filled with meaning and feelings.
We ground our mission on creating individual interiors for life. We begin any project – apartment, house, office or a public space - with an understanding and envisaging who and how is going to live or work in it. We figure out customers' desires, habits, tastes and their dreams.

Svetlana Koleda, founder of the design studio, always strives to make every interior special. She pays significant attention to the interior and details color and shape, interior items and light, contemporary art and photography.
The interiors have exclusively natural and genuine colors and materials, pure architecture of the space, filled with special details. The ultimate goal of working on the interior is expressiveness and completeness of the composition in the interior.
Svetlana graduated from DETAILS school (Moscow) with a degree with distinction, frequently attends overseas workshops and leading world exhibitions iSalone, Stokholm Furniture Fair, ArtBasel and others. Her design projects are published by leading magazines and interior sites. Her passion for product design and a burning desire to learn and try brand-new things helps to bring a sense of novelty to work and interiors.