Bistro Plus One

The concept of 'new sharing' is a significant trend in the culinary world that has left its mark on the bistro interior design in Vilnius. The layout of the dining area is planned to encourage guests to come together and share their dining experiences and impressions of the surroundings.

The bistro is located in the center of Vilnius, in historical building, so it was important for KOS Studio to emphasize the authenticity of the place and stay connected with the past interior. This was achieved by maintaining the original ceiling beams and opting for a palette of warm hues and natural textures over bold colors. Vintage Thonet Viennese chairs take the place of contemporary furnishings, while a steel bar counter serves as a minimalist focal point.

By day, the bistro offers a warm and inviting environment, which transforms into a cozy, intimate setting in the evening, complemented by the glow of candlelight and strategically placed lighting.
Project: Bistro
Area: 85 sq m
Year: 2024

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