Blin Queen

Blin Queen is our project in the Netherlands. The story of this specialty pancake house began several years ago when its founders, a couple from Amsterdam, opened their first cafe in the city center. Now, they've engaged KOS Studio to develop the interior of the second cafe.

It was important for us to preserve the unique style of the already popular cafe while also infusing a fresh atmosphere. The handcrafted ceramic tableware specifically designed for Blin Queen serves as a unifying detail across both projects. The new cafe, located right on the canal, features the signature blue shade on the ceiling, maintaining a metaphorical link between two places. The walls and floor, in a neutral sandy shade, enhance the spaciousness of the area, complemented by panoramic windows and waterfront views.

Like us, the clients are big fans of HAY, so we added lamps from the brand's latest collection to the interior. Repurposing some furniture from the previous tenant was not only a technical task but also an environmentally friendly choice - for instance, we tinted and reupholstered chairs to match the desired aesthetic.
Type: Café
Area: 85 sq. m
Year: 2023

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