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The story of this interior started around 8 years ago. I saw photographs of this countryside house and it was love at first sight. The architecture of the house was designed by architects from Lithuania. Panoramic windows from floor to ceiling, terrace for grilling at the ground floor and open terrace for summer relaxing – I loved it all. When it came to designing the interior, I intuitively knew that this would turn out to be a very special project. After all, the clients were a creative couple – myself and my fiancée, and of course our dog Asti.
The principle idea was not just to fill out the space with objects but to find objects imbued with meaning, which in turn inspires feelings and emotions. This is why there is a lot of product design in the interior, where each object has its distinct origins and history.

Most items – vinyls, books, art pieces – were brought home from travels, filled with memories, feelings and senses. Senses that create the space.

Unlike the objects, all decorative finishes are quite modest – grey ceramogranite, oak wood flooring, wall paint. Window textiles of different color for each floor. Neutral background finishes allow for dynamism in the interior, so that with time, one can change the surroundings, update décor, add new art and design masterpieces.

Project: Private House
Area: 130 sq. m.
Year: 2019

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