Forest Harmony

Apartment for a young couple in the Levada complex. The proximity to a park and the clients' desire to create a calm and cozy space shaped the overall aesthetics of the project.

The main shade in the interior became natural green, which we complemented with terracotta accents and oak textures. And to maintain airiness and support the wood in the interior, we added rattan facades.

Favorite features: an open kitchen without upper cabinets (it's valuable that, looking at our projects, clients are increasingly choosing such solution) – all the necessary appliances are hidden in a specially designed niche, and the kitchen and living room were transformed into a 'salon', a place for relaxation and meeting with guests. And the kids' room, dynamic and filled with energy, yet seamlessly integrated in the stylistic unity with the entire interior.

Type: Apartment
Area: 78 sq.m
Year: 2023

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