KOS Studio Office

The design bureau KOS studio has turned a typical office in a business center into a creative space for working and meeting with clients.
Each space has its own unique potential, Svetlana Koleda, the founder of the KOS studio, is sure. The bureau's own space is located in a typical office of a business center, but thanks to skillfully placed accents, almost nothing reminds of this. “We left the light and tiles on the ceiling,” says Svetlana. “And natural creamy and brown shades were chosen as the background, emphasizing the expressive forms of the furniture.”

In Norwegian, the word "Kos" means the warm feeling of happiness that comes when you are in a pleasant, comfortable and safe place in the company of your loved ones. “This is a typical Scandinavian philosophy of simplicity, when small joys fill you from the inside, and we use it in our work,” Svetlana adds.

Project: Office
Area: 25 sq. m.
Year: 2020

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