House for Rizik

Sometimes projects come to us at the most unexpected stage. Normally at KOS studio we work with projects from start to finish in 99% of cases. But on the “Home for Rizik” project, we started work at the decoration stage. It was based on good proper architecture and layout from LEVEL 80, our task was to decorate the space and create an interior for the comfort of each family member. So, the house became a continuation of the inner world of a large friendly family.
Huge puzzles became the basis of the concept. We took the colors for the rooms and the interior from them. These are the colors of life, emotions and vivid memories from family travels, of which there were many.

Scandinavian functionality and restraint in tandem with bright accents, a lot of air and space for further life and interior development are the main whales of this space.

Project: Private House
Area: 260 кв. м.

Year: 2021

Светильник Cloudy, Дима Логинов. Модульная кухня, FRONTME

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