The core of the concept for the new KOS Studio project is soft minimalism, where Scandinavian aesthetics meet eclecticism and elements of Japandi style. Natural shades, tactile wood species (walnut and oak), and vibrant elements.

On the first floor — a place for gatherings, cozy evenings, movies, and music. We named this space the "salon," where the kitchen, dining area, and living room are combined. They are all designed in herbal, sandy, and chocolate colors. We deliberately chose a projector over a television, creating a more "airy" living area during the day and an atmospheric one in the evening.

On the second floor — private rooms. The master bedroom, a children’s room, and a home office. Our great love on this floor is the girl’s bedroom, a dynamic but also calm and highly functional. We selected a height-adjustable desk that will grow with the child. The modular storage system complements the interior’s primary tones. To enhance it, we opted for Dot wallpapers by Ferm Living and a colourful rug. Being in such a space makes you want to relive your childhood!
The bedroom and the office, which will also serve as a guest room, are designed in the colours of the first floor, more restrained and concise.

Light sources are positioned at different levels to create a warm and cozy atmosphere at any time of the day.

Project: Townhouse
Area: 138 sq m
Year: 2023

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